Sunday, September 11, 2005

Extra credit

With great thanks to /e, who brought this link to my attention in the previous comments. Frankly, I should make this one required reading, as well.

I would call this piece Why we are all "poor"; or what the hell is wrong with us?, but I didn't write it. From Dissent Magazine.


At 8:10 PM , Anonymous ehj2 said...

And you can call this one, "Why we will stay poor."

Critical Important "Worth Thinking About" Reading:

The title is "End of the Binge," but it's the first serious piece I've seen that does what I attempt to do in my "Open Letter to America" top page ... which is indicate the problem isn't simply Peak Oil ... but the entire spectrum of energy alternatives (there aren't any). Some people think we have 200 years worth of coal: No ... a few decades.

The topology of the problem space is simply huge. And we didn't have eight years to waste on Republican buffoonry and government dismantling.


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