Thursday, February 10, 2005

The missing link

No, it's not some joke about our president's inexplicably eerie resemblance to a chimpanzee—especially with the open-mouthed smirk he gets when he thinks he's scored some sort of intellectual point.

Actually, I mean the link to the blog about waitressing that I was trying to recall for my last post. I like her tag line, too.

Today I'm being a bad teacher and showing a video in one class, and letting the students in the other work together, instead of me babysitting them. I know I'm supposed to love the challenges of working with freshmen, but I so do not. The real consolation of teaching freshman courses is seeing a few of those students in later classes and realizing that they have, in fact, turned into semi-adults who no longer expect me to wipe their noses (or give them As just because they "worked hard." Or re-give my lecture in five minutes after class because they are "just not a morning person" and missed it the first time. Fortunately, I lecture almost not at all, so they are pretty well SOL.)

Short on sleep, short of temper. If I had the time, I'd head off to the mall for a new lipstick—which would make me feel better for about the three minutes it took for me to get from the store to my car, after which I'd be consumed by consumer guilt over my meaningless act of consumption.

More diet Coke, and bring on the video classes...


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