Monday, March 21, 2005

Confidential (if the shoe fits...)

Confidential to several anonymous responders to my tongue-in-cheek academic disclaimer:
I've deleted a couple of your comments because you clearly stated you didn't really want to open up a dialogue (or so I assume from comments about how you "won't be back" to my blog). I'm eager to have more serious discussions about teaching, and will, in the future, say a lot more about the positive aspects of my pedagogy and my teaching, but that post is a single response, deliberately provocative, to a midterm level of frustration. I'm amazed at the number of drive-by critics, and a bit saddened that so few of them apparently read either the introduction [in which I clearly position the thing as hyperbole] or the thoughtful exchange I had with another critic, who eventually moved from anonymity to pseudonymity, here. I'm finding it interesting that the most sanctimonious critics are apparently the least discerning readers. It's additionally interesting to me that a certain set of anons want that disclaimer to be the sum total of my pedagogy.

Just as I don't assume I know my students based on any one piece of their work, I'd hope my fellow educators would understand that every piece of writing--perhaps especially in blogland--is a performance, not autobiography. You can't possibly know me from one post, just as my students and I can only know each other in certain ways given the intensely mediated space of the university classroom. I'm more than happy to have a serious discussion about teaching, especially if it's framed as something other than an attack on a single sample of my blog.


At 8:35 AM , Blogger bitchphd said...

Yes, it's very illuminating how anything you post that implies that students have responsibility for their own learning is meat for trolls who believe 1) professors are lazy sacks of shit; 2) education is a consumer item. I can't tell you how much crap I've gotten about how I obviously disrespect and hate students....

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