Tuesday, July 5, 2005

Born free...

Rodent update:
Our wayward mouse guest has decided to embrace the "culture of life" for himself. After a cozy (I presume) night in the bowels of our heating system, he peeped out to catch a few minutes of the Tour, where he was seen by my husband, Friend to Wayward Mouses, and by Third Cat, who didn't get a shot at him yesterday. He eluded them both, and was last seen leaping out the back door on his way, one hopes, to rejoin his little mouselet children and to live to scurry another day. Since our obsession with buying an old house (1910, in this case) means that we are already planning a plumbing update and masonry work, I am relieved that for the time being, my heater system hasn't turned into the rat-acombs.


At 7:05 PM , Blogger bitchphd said...


At 11:18 AM , Blogger Jesse said...

we had a mouse in my house for a while. It would hang out in the living room, or the kitchen. It was darling.

However, we have a slight problem with taking the trash out where I live. and at various times mutliple bags of trash would be filling the kitchen. This would at times entice fruit flies to enter our humble abode. I think the fruit flies carried off our mouse, for it is no longer around.

Either that or we probably threw it away as it was gorgin' its wee self on our generous leftovers we so nicely left for weeks on end in the kitchen.

At 2:12 PM , Blogger Dorcasina said...

Yeah, STR, my mom found a mouse in our stove drawer when I was growing up. She named it "Armando" and so then, of course, it couldn't be removed or exterminated. It had a nasty habit of appearing at eye level on the back of the stove, which scared the bejesus out of me. For at least a month, we lived with all of our pots, pans, and cookware on the counters of the kitchen because Armando had free run of the drawers and because being reasonably fastidious, my mother didn't want mouse poop in her cooking.
One day the cat decided he'd had it with Armando and caught him. This, of course, caused an uproar among the Armando fan club; he was rescued from the jaws of feline death, coddled and resuscitated, and then released to the "wilds" of our far back yard.

We are perhaps crazier than most; my mother also revived a near-death pet mouse by putting her cage right there on the open over door to warm her up (guess it was cold in our house without her tiny mouse siblings). And my sister instituted a generous "catch and release" program for rats; they rigged a trap over her bird/squirrel feeder, and we spent many happy evenings crouched in the dark peering out the window at the feeder, clutching the string that would spring the trap on the rat visitor. Those we managed to entrap were driven to a nature preserve on the other side of town, where they were released with a chunk of cheese and, since rats don't really like cheese, a healthy serving of peanut butter on a cracker.
One presumes this is the equivalent of the one-way bus fare, cheap suit and cardboard soled shoes released prisoners were once provided...

At 2:29 AM , Blogger Daniel said...

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