Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Road Rage

Scenes from the freeway:

Today I passed, was passed by, and finally re-passed an aging Lincoln Town Car, driven by a fleshy, heavy-jowled, light-skinned black man. Belted in the back seat, in the opposite corner: his passenger. A broomstick, topped with a tousled Carol Channing-style frosted pageboy.

Reliving former glory days as a chauffeur? Training for his driver's license? Practicing with do-it-yourself crash-test dummies?

Or maybe he's making a movie:

Then I get to work and find this in my inbox, courtesy of my husband, whose ability to locate internet oddities is without equal. It's a video made during a lengthy drive across Iowa, throughout the duration of which the driver listened to ABBA's "Dancing Queen" on continuous play. WHY? What makes these people do these things?

Maybe academia ain't so bad.


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