Friday, July 8, 2005

Random thoughts on the drive home from preschool

We have a new local "oldies" radio station. This morning they played Foreigner's Urgent, which I realized may be one of the earliest versions of the "booty call" song. It even features a pseudo-phone ringing in the background. Now I know that the genre of the booty call has a long and distinguished history, but it was startling to think of old, familiar songs in this way. What other "classic" rock songs fit the definition? ELO has a song about an incomplete booty call, right? And there's always "I'd Really Love to See You Tonight", which I see, to my horror, was apparently written by Barry Manilow, even though those other guys recorded the hit version. And no, I'm not actually as old as these music references make me sound, and yes, I have listened to music produced since 1985; in fact, one of my chief embarrassments is that I tend to prefer contemporary pop (Destiny's Child, anyone?) to the kind of discreetly aging rock from my own era.

I should say that when they make a movie of my life, the music I'd like to have as my theme would be the Tijuana Brass. But I suspect it would actually be Foreigner, a group I never particularly liked, but which seemed to have a top ten hit that played almost continuously in the background of every important moment in my life. Perhaps that's the tragedy of my life: I was born a Herb Alpert girl in a Lou Gramm era. Aside: How I loathe that stupid "Ally McBeal" for making a travesty of the "what's my leit motif?" issue. I spent many happy hours imagining the soundtrack for my various activities, and I feel robbed that someone went and put it on a stupid TV show--one I almost never watched because I couldn't stand her whole winsome act. A person's personal soundtrack is something that should be...well, personal!


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