Monday, August 22, 2005

silver linings

This is a pretty tiny lining on a pretty ghastly dark cloud, but it appears that blogworld is a mighty generous place. It seems that Academic Coach's fundraising drive to help sustain Badger, Mr. Badger, and Badger Boy through their tragedy has already been successful in providing hospice help. Read the update here and donate (for the first, second, or third time--let's keep this help coming) RIGHT HERE.

We've been incredibly fortunate in our own family story, which is a righteous bitch but nowhere near as sad as Badger's, at least not yet, to have had financial support from our families, an excellent albeit expensive medical plan, and lots of other perks. And you know what? It still sucks. The sorrow, rage, frustration, and grief are all but incomprehensible from the vantage point of "normal" life. Mountains of debt that still didn't begin to provide sufficient care? Heart-wrenching and gut-twisting.

I will be contributing monthly to this fund. I hope others out there will look at their healthy partners and children, and give too. It's both so much, and so little.


At 7:43 PM , Blogger academic coach said...

And yes, Dorcasina, the fund will remain active.


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