Friday, April 18, 2008

The lunatic fringe

I don't think the guy at the pump next to mine at the gas station really appreciated my "Woo HOO! Another personal fuel-price best!!"

But really, what are you to do but celebrate when you top $60 filling your tank? (And yes, I know: drive less. A tank of gas lasts me a good 2 weeks, however, and it's a biiiiig tank).

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At 7:52 PM , Blogger Rev Dr Mom said...

I would've been woo-hooing right along with you. Gas went up .20 gallon in three days here.

At 1:03 AM , Anonymous mizasiwa said...

Seems the petrol (gas) issue is all over ours just went up .50cents so in total in three months more than R1.00 we pay R7.86 a litre thats 56 dollars a litre! makes me laugh!!


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