Thursday, May 15, 2008

Give 'til/when it hurts

Here's a way to send aid money that will go directly to help the children orphaned, temporarily homeless, or displaced from institutional care by China's massive earthquake. I know the organization, Half the Sky, that is helping with this, and word is that the Ford Motor Company has agreed to match all donations 1:1. God knows for what cynical reason they are doing this--the vast market of auto purchasers in China?--but hell, a good thing is a good thing. And I do think Ford is trying to take the lead in being a more responsible and transformed company.

Many Chinese families will be mourning the loss of their only child, while many children are probably newly orphaned, stranded, and injured. I know things are as bad--likely worse--in Burma; if I find a good link for donations that will actually be delivered there, under any auspices, I will gladly post it, as well.

So much sorrow and devastation. So little I can do but wring my hands.