Saturday, July 1, 2006

News from Home

Hi Love,
The Tour looks to be totally imploding this year; depressing as all hell. I know you had such hopes (however unrealistic, as you were always first to admit) for Basso. And what is it with Ullrich? Hey, at least he doesn't appear to have porked up this year...How irritatingly ironic that instead of getting to ride the Tour route some day during the off season, as you once dreamed, you ended up requiring the very blood-boosting compounds that they are accused of using, just to keep you alive.

Your daughter is now the tap-dancing queen. I have tried--really I have--to keep her pure and unexposed to the ravages of "kid-music," but she shows an unholy affinity for things like "Old MacDonald," especially when sung without any sense of pitch by precocious, pre-Star-Search-and-then-god-help-us-American-Idol kiddie voices. Believe me, you can't be as sorry as I am.

And there is a reason we LOVE Anthony Lane. He concludes his review of the newest "Superman" franchise film (I KNOW!) with what I suspect is and is not a rhetorical question:

Mind you, if Superman is such a paragon, how come he wants to save a species so universally dumb that not a single member of it recognizes him when he puts on a pair of glasses?

I love you, as always.


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